Chlorine Dioxide as an Effective Antidote to COVID-19

December 03, 2020 by Franz J Fortuny from

Chlorine dioxide solution (CDS) is the antidote to COVID-19, it is infallible. Every day I receive messages on my cell phone from patients who are coming out of the disease. Absolutely all patients, indicated Dr. Manuel Aparicio, director of the Centro Médico Jurica in Quertetaro and representative in Mexico of the World Coalition for Health and Life (Comusav).

In a virtual conference the doctor said that the use of CDS in COVID-19 patients has generated positive and encouraging results in several countries, including Bolivia and Mexico, in the state of Campeche. He explained that in Bolivia, after two months after the use of CDS was authorized to treat COVID-19, positive cases and consequently deaths have drastically reduced, despite having countries like Argentina as neighbors, Brazil, Paraguay and Chile, which have a high incidence.

“If we look at the curve of Mexico, it has not had “waves””, there are more than a million cases and more than 100,000 deaths, the infections have not been removed. There was a “peak” in August but it has not dropped, there has been no first or second wave. While in Mexico we are on a gradual ascent, in Bolivia they are on a clear decline. In Bolivia the curve is “tamed”, he explained. Dr. Aparicio pointed out that from November 1 to 15, Mexico had an average of 450 deaths per day, while in Bolivia, there were 8.7 on average per day. “They can say that Bolivia only has 12 million inhabitants (Mexico has more than 120 million), it is 10 percent of Mexico’s. Mexico’s rate would be equivalent to Bolivia having at least 45 deaths from COVID-19 per day. This means that it has 500 percent less mortality. This is because they are doing something different, they are using CDS in a preventive way and as a treatment ”, he pointed out.

The graduate of the Autonomous University of Querétaro (UAQ) said that in Bolivia, Germaín Caballero, mayor of San José de Chiquitos was concerned about his community and began to give them all CDS from the beginning of August, in a preventive way. Several weeks ago, this place has been declared free from COVID-19. Based on this, Bolivia has already authorized the use of the CDS by law in two of its nine departments. “I always thank Bolivia and its leaders for having authorized the use of CDS because it is saving lives. In Mexico we are not far behind, there is a mayor in Campeche, (Eliseo Fernández Montufar) has already announced that he is using the CDS in a preventive manner. If you look at the map of Mexico, Campeche is the only state with a green traffic light. And he says it openly, “We are using CDS in a preventive way, that is the difference with the rest of Mexico, the people who want to drink it, take it,” the mayor mentions.

Dr. Manuel Aparicio said that in order to have evidence in addition to what has already been published worldwide, he conducted an animal study to verify that CDS is not toxic and that a protocol in humans will be authorized.

“In my alma mater, the Autonomous University of Querétaro made a protocol and despite this, there are many doctors who tell us that there is not enough evidence to prove that CDS is not toxic. This is false, there are many studies that prove that it is not toxic, both in animals and in humans. These scientific studies support the safety and efficacy of CDS in humans. Click here. Español Clic Aquí. We took on the task of carrying out the first study worldwide to verify the antiviral effects of CDS on coronavirus, specifically”, he asserted. He explained referencing a graph by Professor Pablo Campra Madrid, Doctor in Chemical Sciences from the University of Almeria, Spain where the subtherapeutic use of CDS in wastewater, drinking water, cleaning fruits and vegetables and surfaces etc. is detailed.

“Recently professor Madrid studied the therapeutic potential of CDS, meaning from what dose it begins to be effective to kill viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and so on. It ranges from 0.3 – 3.0 milligrams per kilogram. This is what we are using in patients. In prevention even less than 0.3 mg per kg is used and in extremely severe cases from 2.0 mg to 2.5 mg per kg. We are in an absolutely safe range and it is already published in the literature. Any doctor or person has the right not to believe but they do not have the right not to read, there is the scientific information, the evidence,” he said. He mentioned that as a result of the animal study, they were injected with avian coronavirus. In the group treated with high-dose CDS, the viral load was 2.4 times lower compared to those given placebo alone.

Mortality decreased by 50 percent and not only that, it was seen that the injuries were much less severe. This with a single dose of CDS. We do not give patients just one dose a day but when they start in serious conditions, up to 24 hours a day in repetitive doses. With this, we were able to advance the protocol we need to be carried out in humans. We propose that the study be carried out in humans, controlled and randomized clinical trials, which have a high level of scientific evidence and thus we can convince more doctors to use CDS ”, concluded Dr. Manuel Aparicio.

Article translated from Spanish.

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