Contingency Plan Regarding Officially Declared Non-functionality of US Asylum System

COVID19-Era Title 42’s End

May 7, 2023 at

Recently in April of 2023, Head of the Dept. of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas stated during an interview on 60 Minutes that “[The US] asylum system is broken. We need…to fix it” [1].

My name is Alex Zecos, a US citizen authorized to work in the United States, with a clean criminal background, and I have the capacity to fix the humanitarian catastrophe at the border in stages. I received 1.5 years of education in international relations from Suffolk University Boston and Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan, and completed the Management Essentials program through Harvard Business School Online. I have proficient diplomatic ability and can swiftly and effectively coordinate a 100% legal and ethical strategic action plan to remedy our officially declared broken asylum system, lest unnecessary devastation unfold upon our beloved nation on May 11th when Title 42 is set to end.

Part 1 of Plan:

Temporarily freeze all operations of the officially declared non-functional US asylum system, and work with policy makers e.g. Congresspeople to pass desperately needed immigration reform at a humane tempo. I am grateful to have been educated about that inceptual reformation technique by Harvard. I will mediate communications between policymakers and immigration lawyers to gradually reconstruct a functioning asylum system that naturally, and crucially, prioritizes the health of US citizens before lending a hand to foreigners. What nation could miraculously survive for long if helping foreigners is prioritized over helping reeling nationals? All leaders of nations would be wise to prioritize the health of their own nationals over foreigners, for the same reason why parents are instructed to secure their own air masks first during aircraft emergencies before attending to anyone else e.g. children. Such self- responsible behavior fosters long- term viability, as well as national longevity, in the face of father time.

It is prudent for US citizens to e-mail the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) at their e-mail address and also to call that agency at their telephone number (1800)-375-5283. Please politely request that Alex Zecos be welcomed into the service in some capacity because the faltering US immigration system has extremely little to lose at this point. Mention that Mr. Zecos will effectuate the necessary course- corrections to establish the healthiest asylum system the US has ever known. Please exclaim that that Mr. Zecos needs to communicate with the highest-ranking officials of USCIS possible, namely Director Ur Jaddou, Avideh Moussavian Chief of Policy, Kika Scott Chief Financial Officer, Ashley Tabaddor Chief Counsel, and/or Emilie Hyams Deputy Chief of Staff. Mr. Zecos would also benefit and appreciate a wise advisory cabinet, as well as federal grants and/or investors.

Part 2 of Plan:

For me to legally integrate with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) in some capacity e.g. public relations (PR)/diplomat volunteer or independent contractor. The higher up their ranks of USCIS I can coordinate with, the better. If I am disallowed to (discreetly) coordinate with USCIS for whatever reason, the next best thing will be to for me to try to coordinate with their PR department. In a nutshell, my plan involves mediating a (discrete,) strategic back channel of diplomatic communication between:

A) the Head of the Dept. of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas and

B) all the people attempting to immigrate into our nation perceived on a compassionate case-by-case basis, along with the leaders of the migrants’ countries of origin. My heart is compassionate enough to empathically address the concerns of many of the 1,000,000+ economic migrants at this time, largely enjoyed via softened cardiac vasculature from eating approx. 95% fresh, raw, juicy, organic, whole-food fruit for the past fifteen months straight. I can attempt to learn and speak several languages aided by voice recognition Google Translate technology, and aim to work with professional on- site translators and certified/licensed educators in order to offer brief crash-course education to migrants. The purpose of the crash course education is to mitigate emotional distress felt by migrants when it becomes understood that most of their asylum requests will be denied, primarily due to the US’s officially declared nonfunctional asylum system. Said education relates to: empowering philosophy, empowering physiological and dietetic knowledge, the longevity of self-reliance and self-responsibility, and long-term self-sustainability, supervised/approved by certified and licensed educators.

The end goal is to assuage many migrants into feeling more comfortable with their denied asylum requests and subsequent return back to their respective countries of origin, and to have them feel genuinely happier, and more empowered, compared to when they originally emigrated/left their countries of origin.



Alexander A. Zecos

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